Huge Demand for Criss Angel Luxor Tickets is “un-Believe-able”!

New Cirque de Soleil concert tickets for Criss Angels new magic shows winters gigs and Vegas performances have been listed on Ticket Networks website.

Top shows?including Criss Angel “Believe”?and La Nouba were today announced that the Vegas events and the Luxor Hotel venue team will collaborate to?present the official ticket schedule for these top Vegas shows performing in 2014.

Las Vegas Luxor Magic Tickets Schedule

This ticket schedule will cover Festival Events, concert tickets, sports tickets and hot artist shows. All venues will be featured shows in Vegas.

The Luxor Hotel on the strip will host Criss Angel and Mindfreak which is one of the best shows in Vegas.


Also referred to as the “Circus de Soleil” mind freak show is Las Vegas entertainment at its finest and one not to be missed

Criss Angel the magician with the midas touch. His live shows need top be witnessed to be believed he is a true performer in every sense of the word.

Grand Ole Opry Expanding

Stephen Sandy, chief and CEO Co-Chair, is excited to be able to offer people an enhanced party experience. Everyone wants apiece of the action when it comes to the Grand Ole Opry. 2014 has been a huge year for this historic phenomenon

Event Tickets

“The ticket office for the Mardi Party is known universally as one of the world’s great parties,” said Stephen. “By continuing on from our party with the official after party at Grand Ole Opry, we’re providing a unique experience for our local communities and for people visiting the city in March. Check out the latest schedule?

Stunning Views

Stunning harbour-side views in a unique environment will accommodate several thousand party-goers for an unforgettable end to our Festival Season if they have tickets to this event.”

CEO of

Fellow Co-Chair, Mark Orr, is equally enthusiastic about the announcement.

“Since its launch in early 20th century, Opry has quickly established itself as one of the hottest events around on Sydney’s queer party circuit,” said Mark. “New Mardi Gras is thrilled to have the guys from Toybox provide what we know will be a party not to be missed.”

Hot on the success of last weekend’s party at The Metro, Toybox promoters, Andy Schouten and Brett Bush are delighted with their newly formed partnership.

“Toybox has demonstrated its ability to stage innovative, world-class parties that keep people coming back for more,” said Andy. “Linking up with the fresh team at New Mardi Gras will enable us to take the Toybox party experience to new heights. I encourage everyone to get their tickets early ’cause this one will be a sell-out.”

New York Time Perspective

A percentage from each ticket sold (available from 2 December) will be donated to New York Mardi Gras to continue to help and build on the ongoing financial success of the organisation.

All schedule events park ride tickets will be available from 10am and will be free of charge to Toybox party-goers who arrive early. Shuttle buses will operate from Fox Studios and from Taylor Square to ferry party-goers to and from Luna Park.

Dismiss traffic ticket in texas

Spain, Gibraltar and Traffic Tickets: Journey to Europe

When travelling abroad, a traffic ticket is stuff that we all want to avoid. I have listed a few pointers to help you drive safely through Europe and beyond

Potential Hazards for Travelling Abroad

When one goes away on holiday to foreign shores it easy to fall foul of the law.

For example when I traveled to Europe last year we visited a small county called Gibraltar which belongs to the UK but is situated on the southern shores of Spain.

play golf in Spain


Hire Car and Seeing More of Spain

I took a hire car in Gibraltar on the advice of a portal website and then used Gibraltar as my base to travel around southern Europe. As you can imagine it can be a daunting task driving in another country with foreign languages, sign and different road etiquettes.

I happened to park my car on a single yellow line outside a shop, left my car for ten minutes and came back to find a parking ticket on my windscreen, typical!

This is not to put you off, as learning Spanish culture and languages in Spain is a fantastic experience and Spain is a fab place to visit especially if your a keen golfer. This place Costa del Sol also known by its’ nickname of Costa del Golf and this is even on signposts!

We took out the help of a private boutique golf services company called Elite Golf Services which are situated in Fuengirola and they customized a full weekend playing golf on all the courses we wanted at the green tees we asked for, it was a really good service and one I would recommend. To find out the exact company we used to play golf in Spain please check out their golf website



Dismiss traffic ticket in texas


You can take a defensive driving online course to improve your driving skill but there is nothing better than driving experience.

The second is your knowledge on traffic signs and your observation skills. If you do not observe speed signs correctly you will be liable to speed and increase your risk of a traffic ticket.

The third is the driving license. There will be individuals that learn to drive at very young age and feel like once they have gotten their license they are a fully skilled, safe and reputable driver, wrong!

The problem is the driving license is an exam which you can pass if you obey the driving rules. But once passed you can break every rule in the book and unless you get caught breaking these laws will not incur any penalties.

Driving in the night without any lights can lead any accident. Dodgy brakes will be the other reason for potential accident. For this point, regular maintenance and repair will be needed. It will make sure that your vehicle will not cause any trouble in the road.

Attitude will be something that can influence your traffic ticket rate risk. Anyone who loves to drive under influence will most likely get traffic ticket. In certain case, the driving license can be revoked.

To set a better trip, planning your trip is important. Look at different destinations before you get there and check out any road laws you may not be familiar with

If you can limit the area with heavy traffic, you will be able to control your impatient nature. Of course, you may take longer distance to reach the destination.

A relax driving time will give you a better safety point with less traffic ticket chance.

You can also take a drivers education parent taught on the web, so you can have the convenience you need to work around your schedule. Getting your permit requirements out of the way has never been easier because all you need is a computer that is connected to the internet. This way you can do it all without having to leave your house!

Avoid cheap branded tires just buy the right ones

Its all too easy to buy the wrong tires for your motor vehicle and most people do not even realise that cheap branded tires end up costing them more money than the expensive ones they were so reluctant to purchase. A recent study by revealed less wear and more tear with these cheaper brands.

Effective tires

Effective tires

Reputable companies like Honda and Bridgestone have the data to back up these theories so go and check out that data