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Avoid cheap branded tires just buy the right ones

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Ive compiled some reviews to find out what people really think below from the readers of Car and Driver Magazine.

If you have any input or comments please leave me some comments below.

I have been a subscriber for more than 20 years and I will admit to often being amazed and bewildered by the results of your various comparison tests, but this one [?Super ponies,? August 2012] wins the prize.

The ZL1 is roughly 240 pounds heavier than the GT500, gives up 82 horsepower, doesn?t win a single meaningful speed contest and somehow emerges the winner!

My first car was a ?69 Camaro and I am a die-hard Chevy guy, but even I can see this GT500 sucker-punches the ZL1 every which way from Sunday.

If the guys over at Chevy HQ want their testicles back, the next ZL1 better be in the gym right now shedding pounds and adding muscle.

Thanks for the laughs.I wanted to thank Aaron Robinson for hitting the nail on the head in his August column. I?m a loyal fan who?s owned a half-dozen Toyota MR2s and an AE86Corolla. Last year, while working at aToyota dealership and training on the Scion brand, I discovered that the FT-86 would be branded a Scion.



As I?m sitting in front of a computer screen being dictated what people in my generation want in a car and staring at pictures of absurdly dressed hipsters as examples of ?people like me,? I find out that Toyota?s saving grace would be bundled within the ?fresh? and ?hip? Scion franchise.

It?s bitter sweet to say that my next rear-drive sports car will be wearing Subaru?s stars of Pleiades; amazing how the company that has never had a car like this before managed to pull off a brilliant marketing campaign and offer trim levels that people actually desire, while the company that used to churn out iconic sports cars puts its next brainchild on a dimly lit stage here in America.

You guys are unbelievable! I just read theAugust issue, and you are so predictable it?s hard to take your magazine seriously. To wit, the Shelby GT500 beats theGovernment Motors ZL1 in every category,yet you still give it to GM. Please remove its organ from your orifice?the bias is ridiculous.

Carroll Shelby just died and you disrespect his memory in your biased testing and your attempt to discredit the top speed of the Shelby GT500.

I have news for you: If Shelby said it did 200 mph, bank on it! Please cancel my subscription.issueswithtyresize

In what world does a pony car that beats another pony car?red light to red light, or through a quarter-mile race?lose a comparison test?

The game is about street and quarter-mile performance, not creature comfort or features and amenities. I know that exterior styling is personal opinion, but the Mustang looks a whole lot meaner than the squatting frog that is the look of the Camaro.Aaron Robinson?s editorial on theToyota/Scion family struck a chord, especially the part about the bloating of the xB into a small minivan. Why?

Since most of the automotive reviewers harped on it needing ?more power,? theScion powers that be decided, ?What the hell, as long as we?re going to give it more power, let?s redesign it!? Bad move.

If it hadn?t been redesigned, I?d probably be on my third one. As to the FR-S, in my opinion, I don?t feel that being badged a Scion rather than a Toyota (other than the lack of a ?pedigree?) will adversely impact the desirability.

With a car like this, people who want it won?t be shopping a badge?they?ll be shopping the car. Also, anyone with a smidgen of automotive knowledge will be aware that it?s a Subayota, so there goes the Toyota ?identity.?

Personally, I don?t care which badge is on it; I?m just waiting for the chance to test-drive one! Perhaps instead of fading into the sunset, this will give Scion a new lease on life and the chance to come up with some more desirable funky stuff like the original xB.

I?ve been a C/D subscriber nearly continuously since 1977 and I can?t believe that none of the self-proclaimed ?car guys?and purveyors of automotive literary?excellence? on your entire staff thought of going to the Bonneville Salt Flats for your top-speed test of the new ShelbyGT500 [?Flat-Out,? August 2012].

My daily driver is a 2004 Buick Rendezvous and even I know that not even NASA has more breathing room for speed runs than Bonneville. Good thing you boys ain?t shootin? for no sound-barrier runs.However, without all of the ?where-to-go?talk, your article would?ve been about 10paragraphs shorter.

Its all too easy to buy the wrong tires for your motor vehicle and most people do not even realise that cheap branded tires end up costing them more money than the expensive ones they were so reluctant to purchase.

Tires Study Reveals Tread Issues

A recent study by revealed less wear and more tear with these cheaper brands.

Effective tires

Effective tires

Reputable companies like Honda and Bridgestone have the data to back up these theories so go and check out that data