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Breville Juicer a Healthier Choice

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One of the best selling juicer models on the market is BJE510XL from Breville. A lot cheaper than most of its top end counterparts this unit does not fail to deliver. Its important to understand the features of this specific model to be able to accurately compare it against its expensive competitors.

A Healthy Juicer

Juicer BJE510XL


With the health and fitness market exploding its no wonder people in these times of austerity are looking for healthy solutions that do not cost the earth.

One such solution is to liquefy meals and subscribe to a healthy plan of nutritional food.

The fastest and healthiest way to digest plenty of nutrients in the shortest time possible is to blend or juice your vegetables/fruits. This overcomes the time issue of perfectly cooking vegetables or meals and packaging them to take away to your place of work or elsewhere.

By preparing your food in a blender you are retaining all the nutrients that are being “cooked” out of the vegetables. Wholly digestible vegetables in their purest forms, ie raw, is the healthiest way to consume this produce.

Most people cook their vegetables in a hot pot or some casserole them either way unless you steam your vegetables you are losing much of the goodness. Even steaming vegetables is not as healthy as consuming raw items.

The Breville Juicer is a favourite among gym rats due to the following reasons

– Its speed

– Ease of use

– Easy to clean

– Multiple speed options

I would recommend this juicer to any of my friends if they want a cheap way of blending fresh nutrients

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