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Huge Demand for Criss Angel Luxor Tickets is “un-Believe-able”!

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New Cirque de Soleil concert tickets for Criss Angels new magic shows winters gigs and Vegas performances have been listed on Ticket Networks website.

Top shows?including Criss Angel “Believe”?and La Nouba were today announced that the Vegas events and the Luxor Hotel venue team will collaborate to?present the official ticket schedule for these top Vegas shows performing in 2014.

Las Vegas Luxor Magic Tickets Schedule

This ticket schedule will cover Festival Events, concert tickets, sports tickets and hot artist shows. All venues will be featured shows in Vegas.

The Luxor Hotel on the strip will host Criss Angel and Mindfreak which is one of the best shows in Vegas.


Also referred to as the “Circus de Soleil” mind freak show is Las Vegas entertainment at its finest and one not to be missed

Criss Angel the magician with the midas touch. His live shows need top be witnessed to be believed he is a true performer in every sense of the word.

Grand Ole Opry Expanding

Stephen Sandy, chief and CEO Co-Chair, is excited to be able to offer people an enhanced party experience. Everyone wants apiece of the action when it comes to the Grand Ole Opry. 2014 has been a huge year for this historic phenomenon

Event Tickets

“The ticket office for the Mardi Party is known universally as one of the world’s great parties,” said Stephen. “By continuing on from our party with the official after party at Grand Ole Opry, we’re providing a unique experience for our local communities and for people visiting the city in March. Check out the latest schedule?

Stunning Views

Stunning harbour-side views in a unique environment will accommodate several thousand party-goers for an unforgettable end to our Festival Season if they have tickets to this event.”

CEO of

Fellow Co-Chair, Mark Orr, is equally enthusiastic about the announcement.

“Since its launch in early 20th century, Opry has quickly established itself as one of the hottest events around on Sydney’s queer party circuit,” said Mark. “New Mardi Gras is thrilled to have the guys from Toybox provide what we know will be a party not to be missed.”

Hot on the success of last weekend’s party at The Metro, Toybox promoters, Andy Schouten and Brett Bush are delighted with their newly formed partnership.

“Toybox has demonstrated its ability to stage innovative, world-class parties that keep people coming back for more,” said Andy. “Linking up with the fresh team at New Mardi Gras will enable us to take the Toybox party experience to new heights. I encourage everyone to get their tickets early ’cause this one will be a sell-out.”

New York Time Perspective

A percentage from each ticket sold (available from 2 December) will be donated to New York Mardi Gras to continue to help and build on the ongoing financial success of the organisation.

All schedule events park ride tickets will be available from 10am and will be free of charge to Toybox party-goers who arrive early. Shuttle buses will operate from Fox Studios and from Taylor Square to ferry party-goers to and from Luna Park.