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Passport Escort Max Radar Detector

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Start saving money and not speeding tickets

Try out the Escort Passport Max Radar Detector and save money. In these hard times its important we take every step available legally to try and save money. One such area is in driving. Yes we all know that diesel, petrol and general wear and tear are factors we all have to bear as we drive around the streets of the United States. But, one thing we can help ourselves avoid is the unnecessary costs of speeding fines.

radar detector escort

One such car device that makes perfect sense is a radar detector. Not just any radar detector but the latest offering from the Escort camp is the passport 9500ix radar detector. Now this is not the cheapest detector on market but you pay for what you get.


Smart Cord Passport Escort 9500ix

The sensitivity of this machine coupled with the new learning features that will store new placements and locations of any police or speed traps is a blessing in disguise. You get all the necessary equipment in the kit and a 6 month free tie up with the Speed Trap Database Register that will constantly update you on where speed traps both mobile and stationary are located. This learning functionality is essential in maintaining an up to date list of these hazardous police speed traps.

Youtube Video on Passport Max

Check out the latest reviews of this piece of kit at Amazon or goto the manufacturers website. For the more technical ones of you please visit Wikipedia and explore the indepth theory based information that was too complicated for me to analyse and report back on.

I have also added a video below here that addresses any questions you have before you make the decision to buy this passport 9500ix radar detector. For further information there is a very detailed review by clicking the link under the video.